children and divorce: guidlines for parentsWhen a couple decides separate or divorce, they must deal with many difficult issues. They usually are not familiar with the legal system and nor the many steps involved in the very emotional process. Children, too, are not familiar with such terms as separation,divorce, judge, court, custody, and visitation. I believe one of the ways to give these “children in the middle” the information they need is to provide them with children’s books dealing with these topics . The younger children can read the picture books designed for their age group or can be read to while the older ones can read on their own.

Children of divorce and separation feel left out, are overwhelmed and exhibit various feelings. At different times they will feel confused, frightened, very sad, and most of all blame themselves!

Reading children’s books dealing with separation and divorce is helpful and can open up meaningful discussions with your own children. In reading books and stories about divorce, children can understand that their feelings are normal. They can learn that they are not alone, not to blame and that with time they will see that they and their family will make it! They will begin to see themselves and their family in a different light.

This web page lists some of the wonderful books out there for children. (

Naturally there are many books on subject for children of all ages and i believe it is important to let your children see and read them.
Hopefully this will begin the discussion process and most importantly will let your children know they are not alone nor in the middle!