Here are some things Moms and Dads can do*:

  1. Tell your children you love them and will always love them. Tell them mom and dad will always take care of them.
  2. Mom and dad may not be married anymore, but they will always be your parents. Children do not end marriages, grownups do.
  3. Mom and dad each have a home. Tell your children they will have a place in mom’s home and dad’s home.
  4. Comfort your children. Tell them there will be happy times and sad times. Soon we all will be happier.
  5. Mom and dad are talking together about their love for you. Promise to tell the children the truth about what is happening.
  6. Tell your children that you want to know how they feel. Their feelings are important to mom and dad.
  7. Tell your children the truth. Be open and honest about changes in their life.
  8. Tell your children mom and dad will not leave them and stress that mom’s and dad’s need children too.
  9. Be clear about the divorce. children always hope their parents will be back together again.
  10. Hug your child. Use your actions and not only your words.
  11. Tell your children many times that you love them.
  12. Help your children to understand and try to make your own decisions.
  13. Crying for you and your children is O.K. When you are said, you cry.
  14. Do fun things together.
  15. Trust yourself. You can make it and so will your children.

*Adapted from Mom’s House, Dad’s House by Solina Ricci, p. 181.