children and divorce: guidlines for parents
Children and Divorce: Guidlines for Parents
DO tell your children you love them and will always love them.
DO tell your children mom and dad will always take care of them.
DO assure your children mom and dad will always be their parents, even though they may not be married any more.
DO comfort your children. Tell them there will be happy times and sad times, but soon we will all be happier.
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Parenting Plan
What is a Parenting Plan
A Parenting Plan is an agreement between parents that addresses all the needs of the children. The plan should be workable for everyone. Communication is essential for a successful Parenting Plan.
What Kind Of Parenting Plans Are There
There are Parenting Plans in which one parent has most of the responsibility for the care of the children such as Sole Custody plans. There are plans in which both parents share time and responsibilities for the children equally, such as in Joint Legal Custody and Joint Physical Custody plans. The most beneficial plans are those that are discussed and accepted by both parents.
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how divorce affects children
How Divorce Affects Children
Although every child’s situation in divorce is unique, there are universal reactions that can be reliably predicted on the basis of such things as age, sex, and the level of the development. Following is a brief overview from the Family and Children’s Services of how a child’s lifestyle can be affected at different ages by divorce
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notes for my mediation
Notes for My Mediation
Stay centered/relaxed/focused.
Concentrate on positive aspects of this process.
We will get through it and it will end.
Change is difficult, requires patience and perspective.
The bigger the change the greater the requirements.
The outcome will be a good one.
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quotes from children about divorce
Quotes from Children About Divorce
Didn’t want it to happen.
Glad my parents are divorcing and I can’t wait for it to be over.
Just another day.
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Children Are Scared Of Divorce
Children Are Scared About Divorce
Here are some things Moms and Dads can do:
1. Tell your children you love them and will always love them. Tell them mom and dad will always take care of them.
2. Mom and dad may not be married anymore, but they will always be your parents. Children do not end marriages, grownups do.
3. Mom and dad each have a home. Tell your children they will have a place in mom’s home and dad’s home.
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teenagers learn what they live
Teenagers Learn What they Live
Dorothy Law Nolte & Rachel Harris
If teenagers live with pressure, they learn to be stressed.
If teenagers live with failure, they learn to give up.
If teenagers live with rejection, they learn to feel lost.
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